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Maximum Adventure Challenges are about working together as a team to achieve an amazing physical and personal challenge raising aspiration and inspiring long-lasting positive change.

Our challenges are life-changing for young people, increasing self-belief and the will to achieve. We work closely with you to tailor the challenge to you and your students’ needs and aspirations.

Choose a walking, cycling or climbing challenge in the UK, Europe or further afield and allow your students to achieve their full potential. Our challenges are designed with training modules specific to your students’ personal and social needs to give them the best chance of success. Working with you and the students we put together a training programme ranging from physical fitness, leadership and communication skills to technical skills such as bike maintenance and fitness.

Bringing students together for one aim…

 4 Steps to your challenge

1)     Choose your challenge – Discuss your key objectives and requirements with us and we’ll work with you and the student team to tailor a challenge to you

2)     Design the programme of training – We’ll work with you and your students to evaluate their needs and put together a programme designed to develop their physical fitness, technical skills and personal skills.

3)     Do the challenge of a lifetime – Watch the student’s outlook change as the impossible becomes possible

4)     Evaluate the learning outcomes – Students present their learning outcomes and receive certification of their incredible achievement


Why run a challenge?

Increase health and fitness, self-confidence and aspiration

Our challenges allow young people to develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills and leadership skills. These skills are developed through practical participation in planning, carrying out and evaluating the challenge. The young people will have the opportunity for personal development through achieving the physical challenge, enhancing physical, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual development.

“I couldn’t believe the change I saw in my students. I saw them flourish and become adults, confident in making decisions, speaking to one another and working together for a common goal. It was inspiring and reminded me why I’m a teacher. Even in the darkest moments, when it seemed unachievable, our guide believed in us and kept us going, renewing our spirits. I’ll never forget the elation and shared experience of cycling into Paris knowing we’d achieved it” Teacher, London to Paris, 2015

It is clear from the range of inspection guidance for September 2015 that the evidence schools provide regarding the effectiveness of their PSHE and of pupils’ SMSC development is more crucial than ever to informing the judgements inspectors make regarding leadership and management, the quality of teaching and learning, personal development, behaviour and welfare, safeguarding and ultimately, the overall effectiveness of the school.” Janet Palmer, Ofsted’s lead for PSHE education,

Specific and measurable learning outcomes

Typically, students will be able to:


  • Demonstrate increased self-esteem, confidence, independence and personal aspiration
  • Demonstrate increased resilience and determination learning to adapt and bounce back from obstacles
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of risk and have the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions
  • Explain the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle
  • Plan a challenge, including the route, accommodation, logistics, finance, health and safety
  • Demonstrate skills such as a respect, cooperation and negotiation to work effectively within a team
  • Make judgements about their personal qualities, skills and achievements and use these to set future goals
  • Present themselves confidently and respond positively to praise and criticism.


  • Demonstrate technical skills such as bike maintenance and cycle safety
  • Interpret and use effectively a map to navigate


  • Develop their technique and improve their performance in a physical activity
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities in a range of environments which present intellectual and physical challenges and which encourage pupils to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group


  • Communicate confidently, audibly and effectively to a wide range of audiences
  • Work as a group to communicate effectively the outcomes of the challenge through an oral presentation


  • Understand the functions and uses of money, the importance and practice of budgeting,
  • Develop an interest in, and commitment to, participation in volunteering as well as other forms of responsible activity, that they will take with them into adulthood


Maximum Adventure has an excellent record of identifying, managing and minimising risk. From the initial meetings with the young people to the completion of the challenge, we give you peace of mind that their safety is foremost. We know that risk is inherent in any activity and must be balanced with the benefits, but steps can be taken to minimise it, such as qualified and experienced staff, appropriate and well maintained equipment and careful activity and site selection. We support you through the whole process with risk assessments for each aspect of the challenge and any advice you require for your LEA, SMT and parents and governors.

Our Guides and Leaders

When you take students out of school, you want to be assured that the people working with your students are professional, skilled and brimming with fun and enthusiasm.

We select our guides based on an excellent track record of working with young people in the outdoors, their qualifications and personal attributes such as great communication skills and passion for the outdoors. All our guides have passed a DBS check, hold the minimum of a 16 hour outdoor first aid certificate and have the relevant qualifications for the activity they are leading. Many of our guides have backgrounds in teaching and it’s this experience and knowledge of the curriculum, working with young people, behavioural management, school risk assessment procedures and educational needs which enable us to deliver the perfect challenge for your school, your students and you.


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