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How it works


Browse through our charity listings page to select a charity you wish to support or a particular challenge you want to tackle.  If your charity or event is not listed this does not mean we cannot arrange it for you, just give us a call and ask.

Many of our challenges are an exclusive event for a charity on a set date, however if you are unable to take part on those particular dates you can join any of our open trips and still raise funds for the charity of your choosing.

Whichever challenge you choose there will be a non-refundable registration fee to be paid at the time of booking, then you get to choose to either self-fund or pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship amount for your charity.

Once you have completed the booking process and paid your registration fee, you will receive a booking confirmation, fitness plan and kit list for your challenge.  We will also let your charity know you will be taking part on their behalf so they can provide you with help, support and information on fundraising.


A worked example for the National 3 Peaks Challenge supporting Breast Cancer Now

To do the 3 Peaks Challenge for Breast Cancer Now there is a non-refundable registration fee per person, payable to Maximum Adventure at the time of booking.  You can then choose between the two different options below:

1) Self-Funding

  • Registration fee at the time of booking
  • Balance due 10 weeks before departure

With the self-funding option you personally cover the full cost of the challenge.  This option means that there is no minimum sponsorship target due, but we encourage you to raise as much money as you can for Breast Cancer Now.

2) Minimum Sponsorship Pledge

  • Registration fee at the time of booking
  • Raise 80% of the minimum fundraising target 10 weeks before departure

With the minimum sponsorship pledge option you must submit 80% of your fundraising target to Breast Cancer Now 10 weeks before departure date.



An Exclusive Event 

This means that everyone on the challenge will be taking part for the same charity for similar reasons.  This is a lovely way to take part in a challenge with like-minded people.

An Open Event 

This is where the participants on the trip may be raising funds for various charities or just taking part for fun.  An open event gives you the freedom to pick your own dates but still raise funds for your charity.


You cover the remaining cost of the challenge yourself which will be due 10 weeks before departure.

Minimum Sponsorship Pledge

Commit to raise a minimum fundraising target set by the charity, this is typically double the cost of the adventure, less the registration fee.  Approximately 50 – 80% of this target needs to be raised 10 weeks prior to the event, depending on your chosen charity.  If you find you have not raised enough funds for your sponsorship pledge you can still take part by switching to the self-funding option and paying the balance of the trip yourself.  Not all the charities we work with offer a minimum sponsorship pledge option, but this will be made clear on their individual challenge page.


If you are taking part in an open challenge don’t forget to enter the name of your charity in the reference section of your booking form.  This is very important because if you do not enter the name of your charity you may get invoiced for the full amount and they will not be aware of your support.


Don’t forget to set up your fundraising page, it’s a great way to promote your fundraising and an easy way of transferring the funds to your charity when they are due.  The charity you are supporting will be able to assist you with this.