Our Vision is a world free from MND.

MND Association are a membership organisation with over 10,000 members forming a powerful national and local network that provides information and support.  We have over 7,000 active volunteers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and around 170 paid staff, all dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by MND, now and in the future.

Our Mission:

– We improve care and support for people with MND, their families and carers.

– We fund and promote research that leads to new understanding and treatments, and brings us closer to a cure for MND.

– We campaign and raise awareness so the needs of people with MND and everyone who cares for them are recognised and addressed by wider society.

People with MND, their families and carers are at the heart of everything we do.  We collaborate, and value everyone’s contribution, achieving excellence through personal commitment and ongoing improvement.  We respect and respond to people’s diverse needs, backgrounds and views and achieve our aims through building open and transparent relationships.

Find out more info here: https://www.mndassociation.org/

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