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Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Any serious challenge or adventure needs serious kit. In fact your equipment is just as important as your fitness

At first glance our recommended kit lists may appear to be very comprehensive, but remember that weather conditions can change rapidly no matter where you are and that temperatures and conditions will be very different on the peaks to that in the valleys.

Boots are often considered the most important part of your kit. Walking boots not only impact on your feet, but on the rest of your body too and this will have a profound effect on your ability to complete your challenge. Read our boot guide for further information and recommendations on which boot suits which activity.

Several layers of clothing are better to cope with different conditions than one thick heavy layer. You may feel hot whilst walking up a hill but you can be sure you will feel cold when resting, on the top and during your descent later. The beauty of wearing many layers is being able to add or remove each layer when required allowing you to adjust your body temperature easily.

Kit also extends to fuel; your body’s fuel to be exact. Keeping your body full of energy is vitally important.

When you book with us, we send through comprehensive kit lists alongside recommended fuel and fitness plans tailored to your challenge in order to help you prepare fully for your challenge ahead!