Something to tickle your bicycle pedals – London to Paris Cycle

Most people know the Tour du France, if you’re a cyclist, you may know the Giro d’Italia and if you really know your stuff, you may know the Vuelta a España. Here at Maximum Adventure, we want to give you the opportunity to experience a European road adventure for yourselves with our London to Paris guided trip, and we are keen to point out that it won’t be a lycra clad peloton racing all the way to Paris!

I asked Evan, our lead cycling guide, why do people do this trip?


He explained that with typical group sizes of 10 to 15 riders of varying abilities, there are lots of different reasons for completing the ride, but for everyone it is a rewarding challenge, resulting in a great achievement. A few riders, choose this kind of trip as a perfect way to raise awareness and funds for their specific charities. Some riders sign up to provide motivation to train – a training regime is given at the time of booking which participants have found beneficial to the preparation and enjoyment of the trip. For some, it’s a good excuse to get away from it all with mates, or for a group of work colleagues on a team building exercise. It’s an ideal trip for solo riders who want to meet likeminded people with similar interests, friends for life have been made on the roads to Paris!


There are some long days spent in the saddle, but as you approach Paris the days get shorter, and you will notice a real difference in your strength and fitness! The trip from London to Dover is an 80-mile journey through the Kent Downs, stopping at the market village of Lenham with its picturesque square, for lunch. You take the ferry to Calais and then enjoy the smooth, good surfaced, quieter roads of France. The scenery is stunning with rolling hills, French villages, the occasional chateaux, a 15th Century cathedral at Beauvais, miles of fields of sunflowers in the right season and big blue skies – and yes, you get to see it all as you cycle along.


Staying well fed on a long-distance cycle ride is essential. Enjoy coffee and croissant stops along the way and sweet treats galore – just to keep you going! In the evening, classic French dishes – Steak Frites, Moules, Coq Au Vin, cured meats and cheese accompanied with a baguette, and all to be washed down with a good wine. Don’t forget to keep some room for the puddings!


You become family with your fellow riders! You spend four full days together, traveling 278 miles, sharing the highs of achievement and the lows of sore legs. There is always someone to encourage you … and you them! And then, one memorable celebration as you arrive in Paris and reflect on your huge achievement.


When you book the trip, you will be given a kit list and a fitness plan designed to help you make the most of your adventure. If needed, get advice on your personal bike fit, to make sure you have a comfortable riding position along your journey. There’s a support vehicle that accompanies the group for the duration of the trip, to carry luggage and assist with any mechanical issues. Your lead cycle guide is always with you, making sure you get plenty of food and rest stops and, speaks enough French with waved arms to be able to order the food and drink for you, so you don’t even have to learn the language!

If this has tempted you and you want to know more, give us a ring …