Before I book

How can I find out more information about a specific trip?

If you look at the Activities section of our website and click onto the trip you are interested in you will see there is a lot of information provided so you can make an informed judgement. If you have any specific questions about a trip that are not answered in the trip information please do not hesitate to contact us.  Use the ‘Contact Us’ button, email direct on [email protected] or just pick up the phone and dial 017683 71289.  Find us on Facebook and Instagram too.

How fit do I need to be?

This again depends on the trip that you are interested in. In the trip information we advise you of what level of fitness you need and any previous experience required. We rate our walking, cycling and trekking trips on the following scale: Moderate – Fit – Challenging – Extreme. We will also send you a fitness plan, devised by a fitness professional, to advise you on the preparation you need to do before your trip. After all, the fitter you are the more you will enjoy yourself!

What trip arrangements do I need to make myself?

This depends on the trip you are going on. Most European and Rest of World trips include airport transfers but you will need to book your own flights. On our UK trips if airport transfers are not included we will tell you, however this can often be booked as an optional extra. 

What kind of people travel on your trips?

We have a wide variety of people of all ages travelling on our trips – which gives you a great opportunity to meet new people and make lifelong friends.

Do you have any age limits on your trips?

Generally not. To go on any of our trips it is more about your fitness, capability and previous experience which we will be happy to advise you on an individual basis. If any clients are under 18 they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and a disclaimer signed to show you have given parental/guardian consent for them to take part.  Some adventures may not be appropriate for our younger customers!

Are these trips a good choice for solo travellers?

A lot of our clients travel on their own or in small groups of 2-4 people. We can pair you up in accommodation with a similar traveller to reduce your costs, or you can pay a little extra to have your own room in the hotels we offer. If you are staying in mountain huts this is not possible as they do not offer single rooms for travellers.

Can special diets be accommodated?

We can accommodate most diets; all that we ask is that you notify us of what kind of diet you require at the time of booking so we can make special arrangements before your departure.

What are the qualifications of your guides?

All of our trips are led by appropriately qualified guides, instructors and leaders.

In many cases the guide leading you will have completed that particular route many times before and have qualifications exceeding those required for the route, terrain and conditions (many of our leaders hold the UIAGM (the highest international guiding certificate available). Either way, whoever is leading you will have a long and extensive history of guiding. Your enjoyment on your trip is largely dependent on the guide’s knowledge of the area, their ability to make you feel safe in the environment you are in and also the rapport they can build with you. We choose all of our guides according to this criteria. The majority of our guides have worked with Maximum Adventure for a number of years now and come from a variety of different areas, have a variety of different nationalities but all have a love of the outdoors.

Why do I need to have travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a vital element of booking a holiday, giving you protection against unforeseen circumstances that could otherwise spoil your holiday. It is important that you purchase travel insurance that properly covers cancellation, curtailment and your participation in whatever activities you may undertake at the time that you make your booking. Insurance for trips undertaken outside the UK is essential to ensure that all medical emergencies are covered.  For some specific trips (such as Kilimanjaro) we might be required to collect proof of insurance before departure.

What are the differences between ‘open’, ‘exclusive charity’ and ‘bespoke’ challenges?

An open date is where the participants on the trip may be raising funds for various charities or just taking part for fun. Anyone can join the challenge regardless of the size of their group. An open event gives you the freedom to pick your own dates and your own charity.

An exclusive charity challenge means that everyone on the challenge will be taking part for the same charity for similar reasons. This is a lovely way to take part in a challenge with like-minded people. Check out our charity trips to see which charities we work with.

For groups, schools and corporate clients we can offer one of our existing trips or even create one for you, depending on what you would like to achieve. Just get in touch with us and discuss your requirements and goals and we will be able to advise you on the types of trips to look for.

What are the differences between guided and supported challenges?

We offer a variety of different types of challenge from self-guided, to supported and guided challenges to suit a variety of different people.

  • Our guided cycle challenges include the expertise of a guide and a support vehicle.
  • The supported cycle challenges include a support vehicle and the expertise of the driver, who is knowledgeable of the route and cycle maintenance.
  • And self-guided cycle trips do not include a guide or support vehicle; all the logistics are done for you but then you’re free to go at your own pace and stop where you like! Please refer to the individual trip information to find out whether you need to transport your luggage on a pannier or if it is transferred by taxi between accommodations.
Can I bring my dog?

Occasionally we have a furry friend or two on one of our trips!  Some trips, a Coast to Coast perhaps, can accommodate dogs but please get in touch with the office to ask in advance of booking.

My Booking

When do I need to pay for my trip and how?

When you book your trip you will need to pay a deposit to secure your place. The deposit and balance payments can be found on the trip page. Balance payments are due 10 weeks before the trip departs. If you book your trip with less than 10 weeks before the trip departs you will be required to pay the full amount on booking.

  • Deposit payments can be made by credit / debit card or bank transfer.
  • Balance payments can be made by debit card or bank transfer.
How do I cancel or make changes to my booking?

If you need to cancel or amend your trip, please put any changes you would like to make in writing to [email protected].  We’ll get back to you and let you know the options.

I don’t want to share a room – can I book a single room?

Of course!  Although they are subject to availability in some of our lovely little guesthouses.  Just select the Single Room Supplement at booking or add on later through ‘Manage my Booking’.  Or ring us and we’ll sort it for you.

On My Trip

What type of accommodation will I be staying in during my trip?

We always use accommodation that passes our high standards to ensure that all of our clients have a comfortable place to stay where they can relax during their trip. We have a motto! If we wouldn’t stay there we certainly wouldn’t put our clients there, in fact quite often our guides stay with you during your trip in the same accommodation!
When staying in towns and villages we will always book comfortable hotel accommodation. For accommodation on the mountains these will range from mountain huts to tents depending on the trip that you are doing. For more information about the type of accommodation please see the individual trip listing and download the course dossier.

Can extra luggage be stored?

This again depends on the trip that you are doing. On a 3 Peaks Challenge, additional luggage can be left in the minibus whilst you complete each of your peaks. On the majority of European and Rest of World trips luggage can be stored in your base hotel as long as you are returning back to that hotel at the end of your trip. We will be able to advise you on this when you book.

Do your trips include meals?

All of our hotel accommodation is provided on a bed and breakfast basis. If you are staying in mountain huts you will receive half board, meaning that you will only need a packed lunch with you. We do not book evening meals when staying in hotel accommodation as this gives you the freedom to choose where and what you would like to eat in the evening and an opportunity to explore the area you are staying in.

How many guides will be with me on my trip?

This depends on the trip that you are taking. Our guided cycle trips usually have one cycle leader for every 10 clients, plus the support driver. UK walking trips such as Ben Nevis will have one mountain leader for every 8 clients. The ratio changes for more challenging trips such as Mont Blanc where the summit attempt is guided at a 1:2 ratio and more rigorous peaks such as the Matterhorn and Eiger are always guided on a 1:1 basis.

How will I know where and when to meet my guide?

You will receive an email at approximately 2 weeks before the departure date of your trip giving you all the details you need to ensure a successful trip. These include where and when to meet your guide, your accommodation details and any other information necessary to ensure you know what is happening and feel comfortable with the arrangements. Should you have any other questions though, we are always here to help.

Will I be able to use my mobile to contact people whilst I am away?

This depends where you are and the reception you receive with your Network. For most networks you can usually get a signal on the mountain summits, however this is intermittent on the way up and down.

On the 3 Peaks, which routes will we take up the mountains?

For Ben Nevis you will start at either the Visitor Centre (GR126730) or Youth Hostel and ascend via the Mountain Track and Half way Lochan to summit and descend same route.
At Scafell Pike you will start at Wasdale Head (GR183075), ascend via Hollow Stones and Lingmell Col to summit and return the same way.
And lastly for Snowdon you will start at Pen Y Pass (GR648555) and ascend via the Pyg or Miners tracks (depending on conditions) to summit and return by either of the two.