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You’re going on an adventure!

When you book through Maximum Adventure, you become a valued member of our ever-growing Maximum Adventure Community – welcome to our family!

We love organising your adventures, and even more, we love hearing about your travels and the wonderful stories you create whilst enjoying them. Whether it’s your first adventure or you’re a seasoned explorer, there is so much joy to be celebrated and inspiration that can be shared between our community members!

How can you share your adventures?

We actively use Instagram and Facebook to promote our Maximum Adventure Community – simply share your images, reels or stories by tagging us on #MyMaximumAdventure or @MaximumAdventure_

If you’re not using social channels, you can send us an email at [email protected] and our team will be able to add your photos and stories into the Community for you!
We could feature you on our website homepage or on our social feeds, so keep your eyes peeled!


National Three Peak Challenge

Why should you share your adventures?

There is so much to be gained from a ‘community’. Our Maximum Adventure Community is a group of individuals who are all passionate about active travel, enjoying the journey and opportunity to experience the vibrancy of the locations they’re visiting. Whether completing a challenge adventure for a charity close to their hearts, or immersing themselves in Scottish island culture along the Hebridean Way, there is a lot of inspiration and encouragement to be found within our community.


A note on Privacy…

We’re sure it goes without saying, but please ensure everyone in your team or group is happy to have their picture shared before sending it to us. We might use it on social media or other marketing in the future.