3 Peaks Challenge Top 10 Tips for Success

The National 3 Peaks Challenge needs no introduction. Climb the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours. You need to be fit, up for a challenge and ready to work for it.


Here are our top 10 tips for success:

  1. Aerobic training is the best training. Make sure you get out of breath with activities such as alternately running and walking after a good warm up. Ease off the week before the challenge.
  2. Kit: Choose mountain waterproofs because they are much lighter than ski jackets or general-purpose waterproofs making your rucksack less of a burden.
  3. Sticks: Walking poles really do help because they reduce the strain on your legs and knees.
  4. Enjoy happy toes by choosing the correct boot size; you should be able to fit your finger down the back of your boot when you’re trying it on. Then when you’re lacing up your boots, ram your heel right back to leave that space for your toes.
  5. Tubular bandages can help aching legs recover during bus transfers.
  6. Keep handy toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste on the bus to let you freshen up after each peak.
  7. Rain: It could be raining on all three peaks so pack extra gloves, hats, fleeces and socks, and line your rucksack with a bin liner.
  8. Energy bars are needed on the challenge, protein bars for after the challenge.
  9. Encourage yourself by packing your favourite snacks as a reward after each peak.
  10. Prevent blisters by putting plasters on your heels and any tender areas before you start the challenge.
If you would like to discuss taking part in your own Three Peaks Challenge please get in touch with our team of Adventure Experts.