Reasons to take your team on an adventure day (or week!)

We don’t have to tell you that doing things with your staff that isn’t ‘work’ is important, we know that going for a walk at lunch, a beer after work (remember what that was like!) or a ride at the weekend is great for everyone’s health, wellbeing and general enthusiasm for the job.

Recently, however, this has not exactly been easy for any of us, restrictions across the UK and Worldwide have meant that post work get-togethers, and most face to face meetings, have been put on hold. New staff that work remotely may have never met the original team, ‘work from home’ is the new normal and everyone has probably experienced some sort of Zoom fatigue. Staff morale might be at an all time low and some might feel disengaged or anxious about the future. Apologies for sounding glib, but let’s face it, it’s been a rough 12 months!

But now, finally, the light is at the end of the tunnel. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce something new, to think about really spending some time with your team, to see how everyone is doing, reassure concerns, bring new and old staff together and wake up from the long furlough-sleep of lockdown. 


We have put together our top team trips to help you get back on track and storm into 2021/22 with a spring in everyone’s step. 

One Day Team Events

Long Weekend Team Trips

5+ Day Team Trips 

Ultimate Team Trips