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Cycling Tips & Tricks for 2023

So, it’s a new year and you’ve signed up for your first cycling trip with Maximum Adventure. Here are a few tips & tricks to get you ahead of the peloton!!


If you are thinking of buying a new bike or have a bike currently, take it to your local bike shop to get it fitted to you. Small adjustments with your handlebars, seat height, pedal positions (for a new bike the size of the frame), can make a huge difference leading to a more comfortable ride. Buy some clipless pedals and practice with them, this will really improve your pedalling efficiency.

Keep your bike well maintained. Clean and grease the gears regularly, check that your tyre pressures are correct, any unusual noise needs to be investigated. Do an ‘M’ check before each ride. Dry your bike off if you’ve been riding in the rain. Maybe this would be a good excuse to do a cycle maintenance course – ask about them at your local bike shop.

bike maintenance how to repair a puncture


That’s your bike fit for the ride, now for you! Body part contact points need to be protected so padded shorts, padded gloves, proper fitting cleats. It is also worth investing in a MIPS helmet, they fit properly and protect your skull from impacts. Also wind and waterproof clothing to cover all elements of weather!

Stay well fuelled on the ride! This includes staying well hydrated incorporating electrolyte powders, a good meal a short time before you ride, carbs and sugars such as bananas and oat-based bars. These precautions will help stop a cycling term known as ‘Bonking’ when you get a light headed symptom due to dehydration and a lack of vital salts. Don’t worry though, a rest for about 40 minutes to rehydrate and refuel should get you going again. Note to self – take lots of snacks and fluid just in case! It’s a case of finding out what works for you.

Training is very important and the more you do the more enjoyable your trip will be. You could join a cycling club to meet people with similar interests and gain knowledge. Track your rides using an app like Strava or follow the training plan that was provided by Maximum Adventure when you booked your trip. DON’T WORRY if you miss a ride, remember, this is supposed to be fun and that’s what Maximum Adventure is all about.

Happy riding!