Team Building with Maximum Adventure

On average we spend 1936 hours a year at work. That’s a lot of time to be really happy in our workplace or not! Following Covid and the introduction of hybrid working – from home or the office, working relationships have changed. People’s reasons for working have also shifted, sometimes it’s for the social aspect but mainly to keep a roof over our heads.

Whatever the reason, from which ever base, we spend a lot of time at work with our colleagues, and it makes sense for lots of reasons to enjoy your time there.

Team building sessions were introduced to encourage a happier working environment through the three C’s – Collaboration, Communication and Camaraderie because it has been proven that a happy workforce is more productive. The activities can remind people that they are part of a team rather than working on their own and it gives them the opportunity to develop skills – new ones or enhance them. The team can find out more about each other in a non-threatening way. It allows time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work without it being personal and that they can rely on their co-workers to work together.

Picking a good team building exercise is important as some events could be embarrassing for co-workers, and some have nothing to do with the workplace.


When considering an event to bring your team together, make it something that everyone can participate in – it might be a challenge for some and easy for others, but is achievable for everyone. Remember that 1936 hours is an average time at work, and anything more takes away time for family and other life commitments, so the event needs to be ‘worth it’.

Once it has been agreed to hold an event, help motivate everyone by doing it for a charity or charities that mean a lot to members of the team. This changes the focus from work to charity.

At Maximum Adventure, we have a variety of options that would be perfect for team building.

One of the classic trips is the guided 3 Peaks Challenge. You climb Ben Nevis (highest mountain in Scotland), Scafell Pike (highest mountain in England) and Snowdon (highest mountain in Wales) consecutively within 24 hours. If your team want to achieve this challenge but at a more ‘leisurely’ pace, making it more accessible to more of the team, then there is the 3 days 3 peaks option.

You could climb one of the mountains as your team building event, we provide guides to help your team achieve it. Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike or Snowdon.

Or how about the guided Yorkshire 3 Peaks. To achieve this, you climb 3 of the best-known peaks in Yorkshire: Pen-y-Ghent (694m), Whernside (736m) and Ingleborough (723m) within 12 hours!

If you’ve got slightly longer, and two wheels, there is the London to Paris Cycle ride offering 3, 4 or 5 day options.

We provide you with a training regime to help you get fit and a kit list, so that you will be as prepared as you can be.

As your team engage in preparation for the actual event, they are already talking more to each other, natural leaders come to light, motivators within the team get to ‘do their thing’, strengths and weaknesses within the workforce are seen and channelled to bring the best to the team. There is an air of camaraderie training together, encouraging each other, keeping the charity/charities as the focus. Everyone feels part of what is going on and valued.

In due course this is transferred to projects within the business, the team have learned to work together, each person having a role that they can achieve to complete the task – win, win, win!

Whilst we recognise that it takes time to achieve this level of team engagement, a good healthy walk/cycle for charity may well be the perfect icebreaker and starting point for your team!